Microsoft is working to allow third-party widgets on Windows 11, according to FireCube

One of the most striking new features of Windows 11 is the presence of widgets. Those that appear when you press the Widgets button anchored to the taskbar and that have to do with Microsoft applications. For now they are very limited but the signs point to Microsoft working to allow third party widgets.

Until now, widgets have been very limited in their use, as they are restricted to Microsoft tools and applications. Now, according to a developer, the company is working on allowing third-party developments that would make this tool a generate more interest for the user.

Open widgets for third parties It has been the developer FireCube through its twitter accountthe one in charge of echoing this possibility. Due to a change in Microsoft’s app store policies, Third-party developers will be able to create widgets to be used in Windows 11.

According to FireCube, the API will be open and Unmanaged apps will be able to create widgetsThere is even speculation that these may be compatible with the use of web pages, which would make them similar to the Live Tiles in Windows 10.

At this time we can access the widget panel using the shortcut keys Windows + W or by clicking on the corresponding icon. Below the widgets you will have the Featured News panel and the rest of the news feed. Currently These are some of the available widgets:

Time Check list Calendar Pending tasks Photos Tips Sports Traffic Film and television Microsoft enabling support for third-party widgets can give a boost to a utility which has arrived as one of the signs of Windows 11 and which for now offers too many limitations in its use.

Via | MSPU