Users are complaining about issues with Xbox Series X reading 100GB triple-layer UHD Blu-ray discs

When we talk about current consoles we should rather talk about multimedia centers. Whether it is Sony and its PlayStation 5 wave Xbox Series Xwe are faced with equipment that can play content via Blu-ray UHD and this is where Users complain about the performance of the Xbox Series X.

Apparently, some Xbox Series X console owners are reporting issues that occur when play 100GB triple-layer UHD Blu-ray discsThey even talk about excessive noise generated when reading the disk in question.

Complaints on Reddit

The Xbox Series X includes a UHD Blu-ray disc drive. And about that, users are complaining in Reddit threads due to problems when they have to read triple layer discs, those that offer 100 GB of capacity.

“For those unaware, 4K Blu-ray movies are typically pressed onto 2 different types of discs, a 66GB dual-layer disc or a 100GB triple-layer disc. If I put in a 100GB 4K disc (which, at this point, there are a decent amount of 4K Blu-rays out there), it plays everything at 1 – 2 fps with no audio, resulting in minutes to get through the opening studio logo, which is like 10 seconds at best.”

Problems affect this type of disks and No to double-layer ones with a lower capacity. Errors that can cause anything from playback with no audio to very slow loading times or skipping playback.

In this regard, users refer to two films as examples: “The Lord of the Rings” and “Tennet”. These are two of the titles that may cause playback problems. There is also a complete list of triple-layer 100 GB discs at this link.

This is one of the problems, but not the only one, because also in Redditother users complain of excessive noise when playing one of these discs. A noise level that can be mitigated by placing the Xbox Series X in horizontal mode, according to some affected users.

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